#2 How can DCNotes be used ?

A DC Note (DCN) is a fine black and white standard page format laser print from a digital file and a corresponding public record declaring its use. DCNs can be produced as identical copies, a sequentially numbered limited edition or a batch, each one with a unique random number (Type 8).

some examples of use are listed below, note that those various functions can be compounded in one verbal|pictorial output:

embed specific information not otherwise available, sign or personalise each DCN. additional data can also be publicly verifiable with that DCN's number.

sign or personalise each DCN. those data and more can be publicly verifiable with that DCN's number.

embed images and information relevant to the event (or person), give or sell the DCNs to the participants.

Enlighten / Entertain / Amuse / Amaze
your DCN can be in any form - from a simple drawing or cartoon to an elaborate piece of art in its own right.

your DCN can contain a large amount of information - data, plans, maps, diagrams, links, QR codes, useful in short or long term - give that information a beautiful form.

you can make it a Game, containing a Question, Puzzle, Riddle, give or sell, rewarding the persons who solve it.

promises are often lost in the wind. not when there is a public record related to your DCN number.

describe your project in the DCN and distribute it to whoever might be interested, the response you get will be significant.

make your DCN a beautiful intricate art object, give to selected persons, in recognition. in this case you might want to use our specialised production facilities and experience.

Sell / Re-Sell
make your DCN a self-contained product (image, poem, story or other information). in this case you might want to use our specialised production facilites and experience. we will produce the DCNs in batches, as instructed. those batches are then sent to you or to other address to sell. once sold come back for more.

perhaps the most useful and original way of using DCNs is to link them with your specific project, update them as the project is progressing and hand them out as physical tokens of appreciation in return for support, financial or otherwise, while documenting your project at the same time.

you can participate in designing your DCN, look at the visuals/examples in Tech - free to download and print. they are half-resolution (150 dpi) but give you a good idea of what a full-resolution print might look like.
posted: 2022-01-27

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