This web site represents the practical implementation - in form of DCNotes - of the DeepCheque.Net art project, dating back to 2018 (and then further back to 1980s), which continues to re-define Art as Information.

the aim of both projects is to boost and nourish Creativity by connecting creatives and the people who appreciate their output via DCNotes = laser prints, produced and delivered on demand, money goes directly to the creators, related data are updateable and accessible online via /Recognize

DCNote is your 21st century communication vessel - both physical and digital - it fuses text, images and other types of data into one standard-format - robust, fast to produce, distribute, re-produce, re-distribute. it can be used in countless modes, including all known uses of print - for publishing and for business, with added online dimension and - most importantly - the creative engine at its base.

an optional Art extension of some DCNotes is an authenticated and numbered print edition, in larger image format (A5 on A4), based on elements and data contained in that DCNote, as seen on DeepCheque.Net.

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Plumbing in Paris