Introduction to DC Org

Role of this DeepCheque.ORG site is the conception and the production of DCNotes - black and white laser prints - on paper or paper-like moisture-resistant material, A4 size (210x 297 mm - similar to US 'letter').
Uses of those DCNotes are widely ranging, the combined technologies are standard - fast, flexible, secure and - importantly - entirely self-suficient - no third parites needed in production process.
The significant difference with other printing operations is that DeepCheque.ORG is focused entirely on feeding and appreciating genuine Human Creativity - all output is original, purpose-made and modifiable from 0 to any number of prints - to that purpose it is highly efficient and cost-effective.

Our key concept here is the Communication Object - essentially, a digital container for interrelated data, stored as text (UFT-8) and as vector images - individually defined mathematical forms that can be output at any size.

DCNotes are a practical derivative of the DeepCheque art project, dating back to 2018, dedicated to creating authenticated Art Objects of prospective value, via our original formula of Versioned Edition (VE).

DCNotes are highly effective in distributing and supporting work on Versioned Editions (they show a section of the VE image in progress) but the same applies to any (creative or non-creative) endeavour - from publishing text (SPR), personal introduction (PIN), creative proposition (ACT), broadcasting an idea (FIK), fuelling a project (GAS), - and many others. Each DCNote opens a dual-form (physical and digital), live communication channel, of global reach.

DCNotes in screen resolution can be emailed directly from this site (follow Mail link under each image in /Consider), self-produced by the DCNote Owner or printed by this site, according to the needs. Each DCNote's ID brings an Owner-updateable web page in /Recognize. But also, a unique ID can be generated with each online purchase of a DCNote - to be used a ticket, coupon etc.

Please refer to Questions for more information, Ask a Question or search DCNotes for your interest.
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