DeepCheque.Org, started in January 2022, is an extension of the original DC web site, with the sole purpose of issuing DCNotes (DCNs).

In contrast to the DeepCheque.Net site (essentially, the originator's art project), this site is run by a team, can use images from any source to create DCNs - delivered as physical prints or as a digital Master Image (MI), for various uses.
The simple and fast process is that you make a public Proposal, describing your project and we produce an intricate image, directly related to your project.
Even faster alternative is that you order prints (modified or not) from our existing pool of DCNs, to be exchanged for your time, your product, privilege, access, information or some other benefit.

This site is still being developed, check or ask Questions.
Some examples to download are on Tech and News page.
Make Proposals or just talk to us about how this helps your project via Contact.
Buy DCNotes via our NetCells page.

Latest Issue - SoftCar DCN Type 8, gives one (1) hour of coding from NetCells Public Info.