What is DCNote ?

DCNote is a physical laser print from a digital Master Image (MI).

All MIs are produced to the same, strict and set, standards by the Deep Cheque Organization but are subsequently controlled by the Owner or the Commissioning Person (CP).
here is how it goes:

1. the Commissioning Person (CP) sends us a Proposal, listing:
- the purpose of the Deep Cheque Note
- number of copies to be produced (from 1 to infinity)
- nominal value (if any)

2. once Proposal is accepted its terms become public - it can be accessed on Internet by its unique number (DCIDN).

3. the MI digital file will be created within a few days and is given to the Owner or the Commissioning Person (CP) - from that moment it is controlled by that Person.

Another option is that we keep the MI file and print from it on demand - DCN prints can be sent to various destinations.

Another option is that you order DCNotes from our pool of existing MI files - those files can be modified or personalised for your use.

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