What is DCNote ?

DCNote is a new concept in inter-human communications - fit for the 21st century - both physical and digital, multi-layered, based on standard formats - text, A4 sheet - and well-established, widely-available technologies - monochrome laser printing, vector form construction, database, Internet, language(s).

It is highly efficient in fusing several media - text, image, data - into one functional container - compact, immediate, robust, low-cost, fast to produce.

Originating in the DeepCheque art project of 2018, this system evolved as it should - without commercial pressure, in absence of mercantile intervention, built to support culture with culture, art with art, creativity with creativity.
It is now ready to scale up, worldwide, and this is what we are doing.
We have various types of DCNotes, and new ones are being invented as needed, you can see some on DeepCheque.Org/Consider

Information contained and attached to a DCNote is freely accessible (if so configured), updateable, on:

we try to keep the Questions here simple. many more related Answers on the original Deep Cheque site.

below you see 4 DCNotes loaded at random:
Guerre des Robots