#19 What is BIS (Business Introduction Sheet) ?

Business Introduction Sheet (BIS) DCNote is the business equivalent of PIN - an innovative, data-rich, rapid and cost-effective way to deliver crucial business information to your potential clients and partners. All this in a world-standard format except modified for our purposes. On top of it, it is eco-friendly - exists online and you print exactly as many as you need - no more ! Furthermore, you can place a printable version online - anyone interested can print it themselves, in as many copies as needed - for own use or to share. In that sense your BIS is Self Propelling

To make a BIS DCNote, as always, you start with a Communication Object (CO) - gather, in your User Zone all relevant data - in form of text, numbers and images. Ideally, the visual elements should be in vector format (.ai, .svg, .pdf, .eps) or at least in greyscale/black&white. Then it's a matter of putting it all together in a visually effective form, giving it an ID number that will work on: /Recognize and you have a Business Introduction Sheet - instantly updatable online and subsequently in the print version.
posted: 2020-04-19 | updated: 2024-04-17

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