#10 What is Self Propelled Publishing (SPP) ?

In our Self Propelled Publishing (SPP) we applied standard, widely accessible technologies of laser printing, Internet, database and others to build a system where Content - text or image - is replicated and distributed, in principle, without limits, either at low-cost or entirely self-financing.

there are variants and options in SPP, with two main types described below:

#1 the Master Image (MI) stays with DeepCheque.Org. you order a number of printed copies, which are sent to destination of your choice for distribution. with this type there is very little for you to do, you do not even need to own a laser printer.
we agree a fee per a set number of copies, that money is credited to you as the owner, after our costs.
the prints can be sold at the distribution point.
cost: renewable fee per a set number of prints.

#2 the Master Image (MI) when produced is given to you, for use as described in your Proposal. you can produce and distribute your own prints, as described above, or set up new distribution nodes, each producing their own copies.
cost: one-off fee for producing the MI.

a well-suited vehicle for Self Propelled Publishing is Single Page Release.
posted: 2022-02-26

we try to keep the Questions here simple. many more related Answers on the original DeepCheque.Net site.

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