#10 What is SPP (Self Propelled Publishing) ?

In our Self Propelled Publishing (SPP) we applied standard, widely accessible, technologies of laser printing, Internet, database and others to build a system where Content - text or image - is replicated and distributed, in principle, without limits, either at low-cost or entirely self-financing.

There are variants and options in SPP, but the first phase is producing a DCNote.
That DCNote can be an aim in itself (SPR - see below) or pointing to another product, (a book, a video, anything publishable). A DCNote can contain a huge amount of information, plus, it automatically comes with its own web page. Once you have your DCNote it can be printed and sold in batches or distributed freely via Stations. Your DCNotes are printed, updated and re-printed - as needed, thus giving you an efficient and responsive system of promoting your product - maybe before it's even completed !

What's more, your DCNote can simultaneously point to its own DCD - an authenitcated Art Object, which can be very valuable.

Single Page Release (SPR) is another version of Self Propelled Publishing - in this case your DCNote is also the final product.
posted: 2022-02-26 | updated: 2024-04-17

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