#9 What is Type 8 ?

[this Answer needs to be updated, it gives a general idea but that has evolved since]

Each DCN of Type 8 is given a unique number, which is the proof of individual ownership, registered in DeepCheque.org database. apart from that number, the DCNs can be the same, slightly different or very different.

some uses of Type 8:

Token - to promote a product or service
the DCN that are sold or given entitle to a discount or a special bonus, simply by quoting their unique numbers.

Trickle Charge - suitable for sponsoring creative production
as the work is advancing DCNs are issued, relfecting the current stage of the project - based on sketches, versions, ideas, comments, considerations etc. those DCNs can be purchased at a nominal price and entitle, at the later stage, to the final work, a copy of the final work or some other special privilege.

Identification - based on the DCN's unique number.
posted: 2022-03-29

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