#45 DCNote can be considered a tool ?

Yes, of course, DCNote is a very good tool.

But - a special one, it is certainly not a Funnel.

Like many digital tools (software), DCNote is very versatile - more than that - it is a tool for making other tools.
We can make it so because the functionality is written by ourselves.
Even more importantly, DCNote is dual (hybrid) tool - both digital and physical - that makes it even more useful and future-proof.

A wide range of uses is explained here, on this web site, but - by all means - if you need or can think of some other use let us know and your chances of getting it (at no cost) are good.

If we were to suggest comparing DCNote to some commonly known tool it would be - a Sieve (US = Sifter).
posted: 2023-05-05 | updated: 2024-03-29

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