#43 What do I need to create a DCNote ?

All you need is an idea (in other words - a reason) and some local currency units to pay for production.
if you have a really good idea and are short of your local currency units contact us anyway, the payment can be delayed or even waived !

The source of a DCNote is a Communication Object - that is, essentially, a set of data - text, numbers, images, this dataset can (and should) be continually updated and extended. From that dataset we will create a digital file to print from, that file has two forms - vector (DCNv), which is infinitely scaleable and - pixel (DCNp), which has a fixed size, to be printed on standard paper size (A4 or US letter).

Each DCNote has an id number which calls its free web page - updateable by the owner of that DCNote, on:

DCNotes can be given to the owner for his/her unlimited use. They can also be sent to the owners of Stations - for distribution around the world.

posted: 2020-04-19 | updated: 2024-03-29

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