#4 Are DCNotes difficult / costly to produce ?

No, neither difficult nor expensive.

In contrast to creating Art Objects within the original Deep Cheque project of 2018, DCNotes are fast and easy.
They are continually produced and updated from Communication Object (CO), which can be created in a matter of days or even hours, at typical cost of 100 CCUs (= chosen currency units - EUR, USD, GBP).
Now, once you exit the quick and easy mindset you will surely understand that producing a good DCNote might well take time and money...
But -- the rewards could be enormous, you can (and should) work on it continually, over months or years.

DCN system is very efficient in using standard technologies, formats and materials - available just about anywhere on this planet (Earth).

posted: 2022-01-27 | updated: 2024-04-11

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