#3 How to make a DCNote ?

The steps vary according to the type of the DCNotes, below is the general guide:

0. define your project - write a short description and gather relevant data - all this will be contained in your Communication Object (CO)
1. /Propose the DCNote - you set the price (if any) and the use mode.
2. once Proposal is accepted we create your Communication Object (CO) - a continually updated set of data contained in your DCNote. Once made you become the Owner of that DCNote, information about this is normally publicly accessible via /Recognize
3. use/distribute your DCNote according to the terms set and agreed in Proposal.

There are countless options in using your DCNote - one of them sending it to Stations - for global distribution.

For your convenience we provide a template you can download and work with, known as PUP (Public Utility Pattern).
posted: 2022-01-27 | updated: 2024-03-31

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