#3 How to make DCNotes ?

The steps vary according to the type of the DCNotes, below is the general guide:

0. define your project - write a short description and gather the data
1. /Propose the DCNote - you set the price (if any) and use mode
2. once Proposal is accepted we make the Master Image (MI) for DCNote, there is normally a cost to that, unless we agree to use one of the existing images or the one you supplied, when made you become the Owner of that DCNote, information about it is normally publicly accessible via /Recognize
3. exploit your DCNote according to the terms set and agreed in Proposal, the revenue generated send to your account minus the production cost - if the DCNotes are physically produced
posted: 2022-01-27

we try to keep the Questions here simple. many more related Answers on the original DeepCheque.Net site.

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