#27 How do I make my idea FLY ?

Well, we can not guarantee it will FLY... but can certainly help to make it move upwards and gain speed.
with our Fly Idea Kit(e) (FIK).

first, you need to articulate - define and explain your Idea.
then you need to find a good image to help it fly. if you are not finding one we can create it for you. this might cost you money but it could be a very good investment.
after that, we just need to make a DCNote - FIK Type, containing the image and your idea - usually in form of a phrase.
the DCNotes can be sent - personally or anonymously by anyone on DeepCheque.Org site, and the DCNotes can also be printed and distributed by other means -that should make your idea will fly !
if it does not fly then it is probably earth-bound or too heavy.

examples of FIK Type DCNotes:
Mirror = You Are Data.
Lift = USE What You Have !
Found = Technology Changes Everything
posted: 2022-10-03 | updated: 2023-04-27

we try to keep the Questions here simple. many more related Answers on the original DeepCheque.Net site.

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