#17 What is the difference between DC, DCD, DCC, DCN, DCNote ?

DC is the digital core image - at heart of the entire system, all other types are derived from that - it is infintitely modifiable, with physical output of any size, generally in A4 format - as DCD or DCNote. it consists of layers with vector objects that can be individually changed and inter-mixed. each DC has an ID number and a place in a database.

DCD is signed, authenticated art print on paper or synthetic support - a valuable object   more info

DCC is simple copy of the DC image, for the purpose of information, with no value attached to the object itself   more info

DCN is a version of DC image in a smaller DCN format, used to produce DCNotes, controlled by the Person who commissioned it.

DCNote is a print from DCN file, made by DeepCheque.Org or by the person who commissioned the DCN.
posted: 2022-01-27

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