#15 What is PIN ?

Our Personal Introduction Note (PIN) is your 21st century equivalent of a business card, CV, introduction letter, promotional leafet, review, personal message, reference, web page - all rolled into one !
it comes in three components - the digital Master Image (MI) [1], the physical objects (prints) made from MI [2], and your Web Log - a web page updateable by yourself, with relevant information [3].

the idea of PIN is that we make a beautiful, inspiring, multi-layered image - rich in information directly related to your person. you can explain the elements present in your PIN on your Web Log - or not - perhaps you prefer to explain in person when giving your PIN print to someone.

your PIN should convey your individuality, your life experience and potential, knowledge, memories, aspirations and anything else you want to embed in it. but - it is not fixed ! once made, your PIN it can - and should - be continually updated and improved, by yourself, at no cost, on your Web Log and by adding to and modifying layers of your Master Image.
posted: 2020-11-15

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