#14 are DCNotes good for business ?

Oh -- yessss ! DCNotes are grrrreat for business - for so many reasons...
first, is that they are communication, which is an essential part of business... except, they are quality communication, (if done well) interesting, inspiring and informative,
second, they can carry a large amount of data, and, since they are connected to a database, there is practically no limit to the amount of information the can deliver,
third - they are a very efficient to produce and use - print on demand, as needed, in standard form and format,
forth, fifth, sixth etc - they are physical as well as digital, they are immediate, beautiful, amusing - as you make them

business is not our prime aim but a useful by-product - valuable not only to both parties but also so many others - by making a DCNote you support creativity and creative individuals !
posted: 2022-08-03

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