#13 What is GAS (Gradual Acquisition System) ?

Gradual Acquisition System (GAS) is designed to support projects which are long-term, costly, or both.

One example is acquiring DCD prints.
Themes and structures of the DC images are often complex, they take time to consider and construct, progressing through many stages and versions. You can assist and support this creative process by acquiring versions as DCNotes, in batches of 10, 20, 30 etc. After a set number of DCN acquisitions you get the authenticated DCD print at no cost.

You can see that this can also be applied to other projects - writing a book, doing research, building a business and others. GAS is useful not only in financing the work, it also creates a time record by storing subsequent phases of work as it progresses, plus, it distributes information about the work via the DCNotes produced.
posted: 2020-11-06 | updated: 2024-03-04

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