LogoMaze released: june 2022
owner: undisclosed
words are all we have -- right ?
or - more exactly - language(s)...
but - as any lawyer, politician or salesman knows, languages are as good at lying and faking as they are at informing. those contradictions co-exist, take your pick at tout-et-le-contraire.
the same words are commonly used in perfectly opposite meanings - and that's just politics.
this DCNote places some notable terms - pleonasms, oxymorons, neologisms, memes and others - in an ambiguous playground space - this will be refined - there will be many versions - make your own - as a cheatsheet, a diversion, a game board, a memento...
an essential remainder of nature of the carrier - don't kill the messenger until you have verified the message.

some examples of words:
decision fatigue
creeping normality
analysis paralysis
idiots utiles
affective polarisation
passive aggression
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