Examples of DCNs - released or work in progress, correct size but @ half resolution - download and print - if that helps develop your idea.




released - LoveNote2 from Ali Lochhead, Public Info.

released - LoveNote from Ali Lochhead, Public Info.

photographer's DCN - re-employing the main image from his WabiSabi DC (C-Type).

DCN based on analogue collage from 1989, it shows well the informational potential of this medium.

DCN based on the DataSoup DC.

DCN based on this DC.

DCN based on Diver DC.

promoting a book and its message:

short text also works:

DCN version of the Productivity DC.

DCN based on this DC.

Below is the anatomy of a DCNote - with 5 distinct areas you can use to design or request, DC logo, web address and the unique DCN number - download as a general guide.

A - area for the main image or mix of images
B - name of the Issuer - yourself, your enterprise, your project
C - area for individual notes, signature, stamp etc
D - area for your logo or an additional image
E - area for a motto, short text etc